Upbound Registry is your free community library with tools for your Crossplane project.

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One-Stop Shop for All Your Providers, Stacks, and Applications

The Upbound Registry makes it easy to discover, install, and publish resources for Crossplane. Share your creation with the whole world or only the people on your team for free.


Define any infrastructure or managed service that exposes an API as CRDs and controllers, making it easy to consume using Crossplane.


Use our example stacks in the registry or create your own to configure providers for your applications to use.


List your applications in the registry so your teams can deploy them easily. Applications can consume providers directly or use stacks to finely tune the deployment.

Share your creation with the Crossplane community on the Upbound Registry

Individuals and organizations can publicly share providers, stacks, and applications with the whole Crossplane community using the Upbound Registry.

Contact us to get your Provider, Stack or Application listed in the Registry
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Create private listings in the Registry only available to your team

Create private listings in the Upbound Registry to enable your teams to self service using infrastructure and applications that have been vetted and approved by your organization. Teams can be given permissions to access specific private services in the Registry.

Start using the Upbound Registry today for free

Browse the Upbound Registry and discover the tools that you and your team need for your next Crossplane project.

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