We’re a team of driven individuals who love solving tough problems

Our team is accelerating and actively looking for people to grow with us both in Seattle and remotely. Not only are we interested in creating great products, but also a healthier and productive workplace.

Our culture & core values at Upbound

We believe that there are a set of foundational core values that guide positive growth as a team and help us craft a product that we believe in. Upbound works to create a healthy and sustainable culture in order to deliver great and meaningful experiences to our customers.

Stay on Target

In order to deliver meaningful products to our customers we strive to do everything with reason and intent. We do this by having a relentless focus on market fit, the open source community and the problems we are solving for our customers.

Champion Others

Be a champion of others. At Upbound, we are responsible for the success of our teams. We have each other’s backs.

Empower Others

‌We empower each other by enabling agency within the organization. We trust people to make decisions that are bolstered by accountability. We empower people to fail fast and embrace the learnings.

Be Collaborative

We communicate, give updates, collaborate day one and avoid operating in a bubble. We build trust by keeping frequent communication with our peers, we ask for help and we are proactively helpful.

Stay Hungry

‌We crave creation and improvement. We have a willingness to grow others and learn more outside of our scope. We can be comfortable being uncomfortable. When done in a selfless way, personal growth can lead to healthy team growth. This is the symbiotic relationship we strive to keep.

Have Fun

It’s no fun working at a place where you can’t enjoy what you do. We create an environment for each individual to build and maintain an inclusive culture where people enjoy what they do. Let's have fun by celebrating wins, giving accolades and creating camaraderie.

Doing our best to help you flourish

We want all of our Upbounders to thrive and we believe that you do your best work when you feel your best. Here are just a few benefits that we are proud to provide.

A balance of work and play

We work because we want to and not because we have to. We understand that building a great product takes a team that wants to win and not burn out.

We've got you covered

We provide comprehensive health care for you and your family because we believe that you do your best work when you don't worry about your health.

Flexibility with desk location

Even though the Upboundatorium is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world we believe you should have the flexibilty to work remotely.

Small team with big impact

Everyone at Upbound is an owner and has a true sense of craftsmanship in what they build. We offer our team members equity and ownership in our success.

Career Opportunities

We’re always looking for smart and driven individuals to help build a game changing product, even if you don’t see a job opening. Come say what’s up and be a part of something great.

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