We’re on a mission to make cloud computing open and flexible for everyone

We are founded on the belief that because there are multiple cloud providers, your data should have freedom of movement. Our mission is to break down the boundaries between cloud providers and provide a whole new level of multi-cloud flexibility. It’s your data and you should be free to move it wherever and whenever you want.

Meet the Upbounders

We're a team committed to changing the way the world operates in the cloud and we are having fun doing it. We're an eclectic group of wrench turners, parents, world travelers, and metal heads.

Bassam Tabbara

Founder & CEO

Robert Clark

Vice President of Alliances

Michael Goff

Software Engineer

Matthew Heilman

Product Designer

Luke Weber

Founding Engineer

Jared Watts

Founding Engineer

Illya Chekrygin

Founding Engineer

Steve Judkins

Program Managment

David Torbeck

Frontend Engineer

Reilly Whiting

Head of Recruiting

Chris Harris

Visual Designer

Nic Cope

Software Engineer

Phylicia Davidson

Executive Assistant

Sam Leavens

Software Engineer

Connor Chan

Software Engineer

Steven Rathbauer

Software Engineer

Phil Prasek

Principal Product Manager

Natalia Gulko

Software Engineer

Marques Johansson

Software Engineer

Leslie Pedro

Software Engineer

Daniel Suskin

Software Engineer

Muvaffak Onus

Software Engineer

Daniel Mangum

Software Engineer

Javad Taheri

Software Engineer

Moka Pantages

Head of Marketing

We're always looking for more smart and creative individuals!

Born in the Pacific Northwest

We are proud to say that we are headquarted in Seattle. Even though we love directly engaging with coworkers, we also embrace a remote work culture that encourages people to join us outside of our main office.

316 2nd Ave S Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104

The people and teams investing in us

We’ve raised a $9M Series A financing which was led by GV in early 2018. Our company’s investors also include a long-list of world-class entrepreneurs who strongly believe in our vision and the impact it will have on cloud computing.